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Protecting your ideas and technologies is our bread and butter. We work for a large number of clients, both large and small, across a very wide range of technologies. We all have solid experience with mechanical technologies, with Lester being particularly proficient with more complex mechanical technologies. Joe specialises in IT, software and computer-related inventions, and has many years of experience drafting and prosecuting very complex software patent applications. Andrew has in-depth experience with a wide range of chemical inventions, with particular experience in the areas of pharmaceuticals and industrial chemistry. Andrew also has experience with biotechnology inventions, as they relate to chemistry.

overseas attorneys

Foundry has extensive experience working alongside overseas attorneys and we provide a very efficient and cost effective filing service, for attorneys from any location in the world. We can file patents, trade marks and designs directly into IP Australia (the Australian Patent, Trade Mark and Designs office) and IPONZ (the New Zealand Patent, Trade Mark and Designs office). We can also assist in contentious matters, including Oppositions, Litigation, and other specialist IP related procedures, such as extension of time requests to revive lapsed IP rights.

Portfolio management

Maintaining a large number of disparate intellectual property rights can become a job in itself! Many small to medium sized companies may not have the staffing levels or the knowledge to properly maintain their intellectual property portfolio, turning what should be a key asset of the business into a burden. We can work with you in a number of ways to lessen the burden - by providing part time “management” services, by working with you to provide correspondence in more efficient ways, or by helping you set up internal systems and train staff.


Many business owners who are not developing technologies or new products and services believe that intellectual property is of little interest to their business. However, all businesses, irrespective of industry, product, service or business model share one characteristic - they are interested in growing and defending their image and goodwill. Trade mark law (and some other associated laws) provide a mechanism by which a business can protect, defend and capture their goodwill and reputation. Many businesses have been deeply affected by the unfair use of their name or the hijacking of their reputation or domain name. Alternatively, accidentally using someone else’s name or being seen to ride on their reputation can land you in all sorts of trouble.

litigation support

Despite what is shown in popular culture, litigation is usually a last resort when it comes to enforcing your intellectual property rights. However, in many instances, it is the only avenue to stop malicious and deliberate theft of your ideas and intellectual effort. We work closely with lawyers and, where appropriate, litigation funders, to provide you with assistance in stopping infringers. We can provide strategies that are either defensive or offensive, depending on what you require in particular circumstances. Feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion if you require some help.

grants and tax incentives

Australian state and federal governments offers a number of incentives, schemes and tax breaks for innovators, business owners and exporters, with many emphasizing or requiring the need for intellectual property rights to be in place. Some schemes, such as the Export Market Development Grant Scheme (EMDG), provide access to funds to help pay, in part, for the cost of seeking intellectual property protection. We work with a select number of accountants and experts in the area and can assist you, in conjunction with experts, to access these schemes successfully.


Australia has many innovative designers, and for a country with a small population (and a country that has traditionally been seen as being “remote” from the rest of the world), we certainly punch above our weight in the area of innovative and aesthetically pleasing design. However, taking on large established design companies and brands can be difficult, particularly in an industry where many people believe that it is “OK” to copy other people’s designs. We can help you develop a cost effective strategy to ensure that you protect your designs in a way that allows you to keep control over your design, and to receive both recognition and a fair financial return for your creativity and effort.

intellectual property strategy

Intellectual Property Strategy goes well beyond deciding whether to file a patent, trade mark or design, or registering a domain name. A good strategy takes into account your goals, your current resources, and requires a practical and candid assessment of how law and policy affects both the strengths and weaknesses of your inventions, marks and designs. We provide a staged process that includes a review of your current intellectual property (both protected and not protected) and provides fearless advice on how to maximise the value you derive from your intellectual property.

researchers and institutes

Universities and other research institutes face particular challenges when it comes to protecting the intellectual property developed by researchers, academics and other staff. We have in-depth experience in dealing with universities, institutes, government research facilities, and other large government funded or government aligned institutions. We are open to working with you in ways that suit your own requirements, internal policies and best practice methods. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.