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Patents in action at Sochi

With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics now in full swing, the US Patent and Trademark Office is tweeting a wintersports-related US patent each day. Check them out at:


There are some absolutely masterful patent drawings in there, as well as some great patent claims (well, at least to a patent attorney’s eye).  For example, would you have picked this as a snowboard?

1.       A mono-ski for skiing on snow having a width of about 10 to 12 inches and at least equal to the length of a user's boots, said ski having an intermediate portion with concavely formed opposite sides and said ski further having boot binding means mounted thereon for securing both of the user's boots in a fore-aft relationship with respect to each other on the ski with both of said boots extending at a substantial angle to the longitudinal axis of the ski, said binding means being disposed to position a rearwardly positioned boot at a greater angle than the forwardly positioned boot with respect to the longitudinal axis of the ski.


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