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Byron Food Science researches and develops innovative solutions for a broad range of food processing and manufacturing industries. These technologies are then licensed to clients for manufacture and marketing. Byron maintains a wide range of patented food technologies ready for licensing as well as creating solutions for special R&D projects for our clients.


“We have been impressed with Dr Andrew Jones’ skills in receiving client briefs for our inventions, advice on patentability, patent drafting, prosecution and general advice and council on patenting matters over the many years we have worked with him. Andrew has the ability to communicate technical legal issues that has enabled the best strategy and IP protection outcomes for our food technology R&D business. We highly recommend Foundry IP.”
— Dr Deborah Lewis, Managing Director, Byron Food Science Pty Ltd

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Green Shadows Commercial has developed a process for treating industrial wastes, in particular acid mine drainage.  This technology has the potential to revolutionise the waste water treatment industry and is in the process of being commercially developed.

“The process I designed for Green Shadows Commercial has not been easy to explain to my colleagues or the industry. The results have been easy enough to demonstrate of course, but the actual process of having them understand the process, why we did it, how we did it... that’s been universally difficult. I was deeply impressed with how quickly Andrew Jones was able to get to the root of the matter in discovery with me for the patent application and absolutely delighted with the patent specification he so rapidly drafted. Thanks for just ‘getting it’. It made the process far easier for me.
I have also deeply appreciated how transparent Andrew has been with the costs involved and with helping us understand upcoming expenses for the planning aspect for the Patent Cooperation Treaty and filing internationally.
Andrew’s advice regarding essential protection and strategies to care for the IP while we went through the process of patent application were invaluable and I can’t overstate how much that advice meant to us. I’m looking forward to our continued work together.”
— Michael Dickson, Green Shadows Commercial Pty Ltd

  Ocean Nourishment Corporation    
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Ocean Nourishment Corporation (ONC) is a leading provider of ocean carbon solutions and advisory services for carbon intensive industries. ONC was established in 2004 to develop carbon dioxide removal techniques that transfer carbon from the atmosphere to the deep ocean carbon store. The company employs modellers, scientists and engineers that work together to identify suitable sites and techniques for deploying Ocean Nourishment technology in the world’s oceans.
Ocean Nourishment is a nature inspired innovation, adopting the principles of biomimicry to support ocean ecosystems and provide both biosphere and economic returns. Through the purposeful introduction of limiting macronutrients the process employs the services of ocean plants (ecosystem services) to capture waste carbon from the surface ocean and atmosphere, in doing so enhancing marine productivity from the base of the marine food chain. Successful deployment in carefully selected deep ocean sites would allow large carbon intensive industries to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their economic competitiveness in an increasingly carbon constrained economy.


“Since Ocean Nourishment Corporation was founded in 2004 we have worked closely with Andrew Jones as our advisor on matters relating to patents and trademarks. We discovered early that Andrew takes a keen interest in the company and what it is trying to do and makes an effort to understand what intellectual property is critical to the future success of the business.
For small businesses, managing patents can be a costly exercise and lead to a lot of heartache if not well managed. For us it has been important to work with Andrew, he is someone that we trust, is professional, reliable and has our best interests at heart. Over the years we have built a very solid professional relationship and we expect this to continue long into the future.”
— John Ridley, Managing Director, Ocean Nourishment Corporation Pty Ltd