The Foundry Intellectual Property principals Dr Andrew Jones, Joe Seisdedos and Lester Miller at a  Good Design Awards  event after the jury had completed three days' judging. Foundry are partners of the Good Design Awards, this year in its 60th year as Australia's highest design accolade.

The Foundry Intellectual Property principals Dr Andrew Jones, Joe Seisdedos and Lester Miller at a Good Design Awards event after the jury had completed three days' judging. Foundry are partners of the Good Design Awards, this year in its 60th year as Australia's highest design accolade.

Foundry Intellectual Property

Dr Andrew Jones established Foundry in 2013 and Joe Seisdedos and Lester Miller joined in 2018 as partners. Together we have more than 50 years' experience in Intellectual Property and have the technical expertise to fully understand and serve large and small clients in a very broad range of technologies including chemical, engineering, software, product design and branding. 

We are experienced in all aspects of the patenting process, including drafting patent specifications, providing validity, infringement and freedom to operate advice and prosecuting patent applications in Australia and overseas.  We work with a diverse range of clients, both from Australia and overseas, ranging from individuals to SMEs, start-ups, Universities, research institutes, Government organisations in Australia and overseas and multi-national corporations, tailoring our advice and IP strategy to the individual circumstances of each of our clients.

Our clients demand excellent, concise and timely advice so that they can concentrate on their commercial goals, and we are very pleased to deliver to them.

Australia and New Zealand are just one of the important markets for our clients, so we have an extensive working knowledge of patent laws in many other countries and a strong and trusted network of attorneys in those jurisdictions. 

Andrew Jones

Andrew is a registered Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Mark Attorney and has over 15 years' experience in the profession.  He was a Senior Associate at one of Australia's top-tier IP law firms before founding Foundry Intellectual Property.

Andrew has a BSc (Hons, Class I) in Science (Chemistry) and a PhD (Inorganic Chemistry) from the University of Sydney, as well as a Master of Industrial Property (MIP) from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Diploma of Intellectual Property Practice (Dip IPP) from the Academy of the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia.

Andrew started his scientific career as a researcher in medicinal inorganic chemistry, where he used molecular modelling to investigate the steric interactions between DNA and novel platinum complexes having a specific conformation.  He then used multi-step organic and inorganic syntheses to prepare the platinum complexes and conducted DNA binding assays to determine whether interactions observed in the molecular modelling affect binding of the platinum complexes to DNA.

Over time, Andrew has developed a particular focus on industrial and applied chemistry-related technologies, including inorganic and organic synthesis, process chemistry, polymers, plastics, coatings, electrochemical sensors, pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical compounds and formulations, methods of treating humans and animals, medical devices, laboratory devices, agrochemicals, production and uses of alloys, flocculating polymers, superconducting materials, dye-sensitised solar cells, food science and waste treatment. 

Andrew also hones his patent drafting skills each year by helping to teach the course “Drafting of Patent Specifications” (one of the courses aspiring trainees must pass in order to register as patent attorneys) at the University of Technology, Sydney. He is also the Secretary of the Community Trust that manages Dargans Creek Reserve in the Blue Mountains.  Andrew is also an IPTA Councillor, being the Convenor of the Website & Publications Committee and Co-Convenor of the CPE and Future Directions Committees. 

Andrew has advised clients working in a number of industries, particularly the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries regarding whether a product or process they have developed is patentable and whether they are free to commercialise their product or process in light of existing patents. 

Joe Seisdedos

Joe is a registered patent attorney with qualifications in physics, economics and law. Joe has worked in Intellectual Property for over 16 years and has extensive experience in drafting, prosecuting and litigating patents in the electrical, electronics, telecommunications and IT fields. He has worked for a variety of clients, including multinational corporations, local SMEs, startups, educational institutions and not for profit entities. He is a patentable subject matter expert, having lectured extensively on the subject of patentability, and has provided advice to banks, insurance companies, finance companies, retail companies and research institutions on the patentability of software, computer implemented inventions, and business process inventions.

Joe lectures at two Australian universities and is also involved in teaching a recognised patent drafting course through the University of Technology, Sydney. He is also actively involved in sections of the startup community.

Lester Miller

Lester is a registered Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, whose focus is on engineering, product design and branding. He has wide-ranging experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications for inventions in medical devices, underwater turbines, fintech and big data systems, mobile transaction systems, UAVs, as well as for surfboard designers and fashion houses.

Lester is an expert in protecting the appearance of innovative designs both here and internationally.

Whether your business is large, or small and scalable, you need excellent and multi-layered IP protection, and Lester acts for startups in UAVs, online-to-offline shopping, as well as in dynamically-updating keyboards.

Lester held engineering, design and leadership roles with BHP Steel, B&D Doors and Downer Rail before being called to the profession. That helped him experience in technology licensing, design and manufacture of rolling stock and steel-making equipment, and testing and computer modelling of dynamic performance of trains.

Lester was awarded an engineering scholarship by the University of Technology Sydney’s School of Engineering, and has lectured in Design  Protection at UNSW and the Sydney Design Centre. He has been a juror at the Good Design Award for five years.


Foundry takes an active role in the local and international IP community by joining and leading various professional organisations: